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Mighty Dragon

Mighty Dragon – Heroes and Dragons will lead to big winnings

In the slot Mighty Dragon, that fire-spitting, golden dragon is not only a namesake, but also the beast that’ll bring you a whole lot of winnings. With the scatter symbol, you’ll be awarded additional free spins and dive into the mythological world of the young heroes. You won’t need to tame any dragons here, but rather simply catch one on one or more of your reels. If ne shows up, then you’ve also automatically captured a Wild symbol as well. As of a MinBet of 80 Chips, you’ll be part of the fun. The game always runs on ten lines. Discover the mystic symbols of the ancient Germanic peoples and ensure you Chip winnings with them.

What is Mighty Dragon and how do I play it?

Are you a fan of Germanic mythology or chivalrous knights? With the game Mighty Dragon, you can celebrate this passion expressively. The slot is played on a total of five reels and the same ten lines. The bets you can make can range between at least 80 Chips and a maximum of 88 000. How many of these Chips you choose to wager is your call. You get the reels turning by either manually pushing the spin button or putting the game on automatic. In the course of the game, you’ll see a number of symbols on the screen. The most important one is the proud dragon, which serves as a wild symbol. But this famed dragon will only show up on the reels two, three, and four. There’s also the magic eye of the dragon. It serves as the scatter symbol in this game. Other symbols found in this game are the foolhardy hero, the fortress, the magic ring or even the numbers and letters. If several symbols should show up at least twice, well then, you’ll have achieved your first winnings. The scatter symbol and the numbers as well as letters will need to show up at least three times.

How can I win when playing Mighty Dragon?

Your first winnings in Mighty Dragon will already have been captured if you have several symbols on the reels at the same time during a spin. The symbols are counted from left to right, as is usually the case. If the dragon’s eye shows up, you’ll get a reward of a maximum of nine free spins. If the dragon itself should show up, missing symbols are replaced for the line, and you’ll also win. You can then try and double your winnings with the risk function. If you make use of this opportunity, you’ll then be forwarded to a different screen where you’ll need to decide which will be the next card color to show up, red or black. If your choice should be correct, your winnings will be doubled. If you wind up being out of luck, you’ll lose it all. Yep, the entire sum of your winnings will be gone. But should you still have Chips in your account, then you can keep on playing. Just place your next bet and spin.

The Mighty Dragon symbols

You can already start racking up the winnings once two of the same symbols shows up on your reels. Those winnings will be clearly enhanced once the wild or scatter symbols show up before your eyes. The game is always played on ten win lines. The minimum bet is 80 Chips. As for how the payout table is regulated with these parameters, just check out the following.

  • Hero:
    • 5x: 120 000
    • 4x: 40 000
    • 3x: 8000
    • 2x: 800
  • Dragon (Wild symbol):
    • Replaces missing symbols
  • A, K:
    • 5x: 12 000
    • 4x: 3200
    • 3x: 800
  • Eye (Scatter symbol):
    • 5x: 80 000
    • 4x: 8000
    • 3x: 1600
  • Magic ring:
    • 5x: 40 000
    • 4x: 8000
    • 3x: 800
    • 2x: 400
  • Fort:
    • 5x: 40 000
    • 4x: 8000
    • 3x: 800
    • 2x: 400
  • J, Q, 10:
    • 5x: 8000
    • 4x: 2000
    • 3x: 400

Play Mighty Dragon free of charge

To start up your hunt for dragons, all you have to do is sign up at our site. Registration is absolutely free of charge and you’ll even get a start-up account in the form of Chips so that you can get the good times rolling. With a MinBet of 80 Chips, you can start playing the game and then let the action take you on a ride. You’ll first get winnings once two of the same symbols show up on your reels. Battle side by side with the heroes and follow the traces of those oh so deadly dragons. It’s pure playing fun for you free of charge and without risk. You’re just one mouse click away from your mythological adventure. Simply register and ensure that the free Chips start-up credit is on your account ASAP.